Dr Echter is extremely driven by the high emotional quality and the special value of ancient houses. He practices with great feedback and support the theoretical and practical safeguarding of historic buildings and historic urban areas and their undiminished transmission to future generations. To raise the awareness of all citizens and institutions, he gets involved with an active heritage conservation policy in organisations, in research, science and teaching, with his international top-class networking and in his numerous publications. He advocates a preventive conservation with proactive strategies of information and consultation of the owners of monuments. His personal intention is to help, that there are even in 50 years cities and towns like Regensburg, Bamberg or Görlitz with unique historic centres and historic urban areas.

Monument Preservation and History of Architecture

Academic research over 30 years

  • on international and national heritage conservation and protection,
  • Research on the history of architectural monuments, in particular castles, mansions, residential homes, industrial heritage, historic landscapes,
  • and on architectural history as well as urban development history,
  • on the preservation of monuments in historic towns and villages



  • on the preservation of monuments in historic towns and villages,
  • on World Heritage Sites,
  • on the Sustainable Development of historical sites.
  • on concepts, strategies, tools and methods of the cultural heritage,
  • on History of (Urban) Architecture,
  • and on inventories of architectural and archaeological monuments.

Desk reviews

Expert reviews on significant architectural works and historical cultural landscapes

  • on the preservation of monuments in historic towns and villages,
  • to world heritage sites,
  • on the sustainable development of historical sites,
  • for international heritage organisations and donations,
  • respectively on proposals for nominations and awards for outstanding conservation, re-search, dedicated service and awareness – raising related to cultural heritage.


Consultation of monument owners

  • about conservation work on heritage,
  • about heritage funding and tax incentives,
  • use and reuse of monuments,

Consultation of municipalities

  • about strategies and instruments on historic preservation, urban planning, urban develo-pment and housing,
  • on the preservation of historical monuments, in particular on issues relating to World Cultural Heritage and the Sustainable Development of historic cities

Consultations on heritage organisations and -foundations

  • on policy issues and scientific advices.

Publications and Papers

  • Publication of fundamental books on historic preservation,
  • Publication of a great many books, articles and papers on History of (Urban) Architecture, urban planning, heritage conservation, and heritage policy issues.