Handbook on Urban Conservation in Germany

  • Writing 23 encyclopaedia articles.
  • Permanent collaboration in the editorial process.

Echter Talks on urban conservation and shared built

  • Focussing on dialogue and discussion of top-class international, interdisciplinary experts.
  • Looking forward to inspiring informal talks, which give us valuable insights into high calibre scientific research and into pragmatic implementation of urban conservation and shared built heritage guidelines.

Dissemination of the Valletta Document

  • Discussion and presentation of "The Valletta principles for the Safeguarding and Management of Historic cities, towns and urban areas", adopted by the 17th ICOMOS General Assembly on 28 November 2011 in Paris.
  • Many own written inputs and proposals.

Desk reviews

  • ICOMOS external reviewer for nominations to the World Monuments Watch, New York and of Europa Nostra for the cultural heritage awards.
  • Desk reviews for historic sites of risk evaluating significance, urgency, viability and relevance.

Speeches on

  • Monument protection legislation and monument policy in Germany, 2008;
  • Heritage conservation and the Renaissance of the living in the inner city in Germany, 2008;
  • Archaeology in North Rhine - Westphalian municipalities; 2009,
  • The importance of the German publications series "Monument Topography" on an inter-national level, 2011;
  • German colonial architecture in Tanzania, 2011;
  • Tools of urban conservation, 2011;
  • Heritage legislation and policy in Germany, 2011;
  • International heritage conservation, 2012.
  • The Old Fort in Bagamoyo, Tanzania and Fort Bismarck in Qingdao, China – History and Conservation, 2012;
  • Urban Planning Principles and City Walls in Historic Towns in Europe, 2013;
  • The Conservation and Management of Cultural Landscape in Germany, 2014;
  • Historic Cities: principles, instruments, strategies, 2014;
  • Ensemble Old Town Munich: ‘Opportunities and Challenges', 2014;
  • Preservation of historical, architectural and urban planning testimonies. Field report by a heritage consultant, 2014;
  • World Heritage Cultural Properties and Preventive Monitoring, 2014;
  • Historic Preservation and Management of Cultural Landscapes in Germany, 2015;
  • Keynote at the conference in Bangalore, India on 'Conserving Living Urban Heritage', 2015;
  • Historic Cities and Sustainability, 2015;
  • Cultural Heritage - Our architectural heritage in the fields of tension of world politics, 2015;
  • Heritage Conversation and the Renaissance of the Living in the Inner City in German Towns, 2015;
  • The Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe Project and Historic Cities, 2015;
  • The International Building Exhibition Emscher Park (IBA Emscher Park), 2015;
  • Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe - An Initiative of Europa Nostra, 2016;
  • Activities of Europa Nostra regarding Sustainable Development in Historic Cities, 2016;
  • Intervention on the 40 World Heritage Committee 2016 on Venice in Istanbul,
  • Habitat III and Historic Cities, 2016;
  • Quito – Habitat III: Evaluations, 2016;
  • The 2nd UCLG Culture Summit in Jeju: Commitments and actions for culture in sustainable cities, 2017;
  • Activities of Europa Nostra and ICOMOS CIVVIH on the Heritage Architecture and on the World's Cultural Heritage, 2017;
  • The “Neustadt” of Strasbourg, 2017;
  • The ICOMOS resolution on the SDGs in Delhi and its implementation, 2018;
  • The Founding Ceremony and the Welcome Address of CIVVIH ASIA-PACIFIC SUBCOMMITTEE, 2018;
  • Intervention on the 42 World Heritage Committee 2018 on Rosia Montana in Manama,
  • Values of cultural heritage and sustainable development, 2018;
  • Culture, Civil Society and Heritage Organisations, 2019;
  • Characteristic towns and conservation of traditional villages, 2019;
  • Reconstruction of Cities in Germany after World War II, 2019;
  • Historic Urban Landscape Project, 2019;
  • ICOMOS CIVVIH and the Sustainable Development of Historic Cities: Target 11.4. of the SDGs, 2020;
  • 2-1 Pandemic responses - International Scientific Commitees CIVVIH. Historic Cities, Towns and Villages, 2020;